Value Branding - Global and Mindful Leadership                       &Relationship Builder between TalenteD Youth and LighthOUSE COMPANIES of Circular and Sustainable SectoRS

The role of business has changed significanty. Companies today are looking after the environment and making a positive contribution in society. To figure out  how  and to find the right people is one of the big challenges. In our programs we nurture the next generation of responsible leaders in ultiple ways under the wing of THEIA International our umbella for life career development in future fields and with 21st centure skills and practical training fields on PPP-Projects. 

I see many companies in early stages of ESG (environmental, social and governance) strategies. They are missing the chance of bringing potential and purpose in an early stage togehter to design together with the young generations these future fields. We empower Employers to become here clearer as well in their recruitment. Alongside we inspire students to global career possiblities they have not been aware before provide future skills and partnerships in a way that they start their career while contributing to the company and the society. From my experience over the last years working with over 1.400 students in global and interdisciplinary setting I can assume that these young talents want to have a career in a companies that contributes positively to society and planet (PPP). We are the interface between and preparing the ground to cultural transformation and real, strategic, bottom-up and and top-down action by our programs and consultance.

Anja Carron, Global Chairwomen for Circular Economy (G100), TOP 100 gobal Leader in Education, and in 2022 awarded for Outstanding Leadership in Dubai and initiator of the first global platform to inspire Youth for a Circular Future.