"Embark on a journey with Anja Carron, where tradition meets innovation, and circularity becomes the guiding principle for a Regenerative future."

Welcome to Anja Carron's Visionary World

Embrace the Circular Future: Transforming Challenges into Innovations

"In these pioneering time, every thread of tradition weaves into the fabric of innovation. A regenerative future unfolds when we holistically design concepts that embrace inclusivity and create new forces of transformation." - Anja Carron

The landscape of governance and business has undergone a profound transformation. Today, environmental responsibility and societal impact take center stage as top priorities. Navigating this change, from local to global levels, and positioning oneself amidst this transformative wave is a monumental challenge.

Governments and communities are investing considerable effort in this transition. With a keen focus on sustainable production and consumption, circular economy models emerge as key catalysts for a regenerative and human-centered future. Embracing traditions as a pathway to innovation, and vice versa, requires holistic and inclusive design concepts to usher in a new era. The shift from linear to circular paradigms demands individuals with a global mindset, cultural awareness, and literacy in ethical, ecological, economic, and technological dimensions.

As a Global Chairwoman for Circular Economy (G100), I bring insights and advisory mandates within my extensive global network. Beyond that, I actively lead programs under THEIA International, nurturing the next generation of responsible leaders. Our initiatives encompass life career development in future fields, equipping individuals with 21st-century skills and practical training in PPP-Projects.

In the realm of ESG strategies, many companies miss the opportunity to merge potential and purpose in the early stages. We empower employers to articulate their purpose clearly and inspire students to explore global career possibilities. Over the years, working with over 2000 students globally, I've observed a profound desire among young talents to build careers in companies that positively contribute to society and the planet (PPP). We stand at the interface, facilitating cultural transformation and real, strategic, bottom-up, and top-down actions through our programs and consultancy.

Anja Carron

  • Global Chairwoman for Circular Economy (G100)
  • Mission for Gender Equity in a Circular Future with 100 Country Chairs by 2023 across various Circular Economy sectors.
  • Woman of the Decade (WICCI, WEF)
  • Dr. Honoris Causa, RAi Technology University  
  • Advisory Board Member of the Global Council for Women in Sustainable Business.
  • Founder and Head of the First Global Platform inspiring Youth for a Circular and Regenerative Future.
  • Awarded 150 Global Women Leaders in Trade, TOP 100 Global Leader in Education, and named Outstanding Leader in 2022 (UEA).
  • UNESCO Partner