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Introducing Anja Carron Tollhausen: A Visionary Leader in Sustainable Global Advocacy

Anja Carron Tollhausen is an exceptional C-Suite Executive Advisor and the Global Chairwoman for Circular Economy (G100), dedicated to fostering global and mindful leadership. With a vision for a regenerative future, Anja has directed her career towards bridging gaps between governments, businesses, women, youth, and communities.

In the evolving landscape of governmental and corporate transformations, Anja stands out as an expert. Her focus on sustainable production, circular economy models, and a human-centered future positions her as a crucial advocate for shifting paradigms from linear to circular. This necessitates individuals with a global mindset and holistic competency in cultural, ethical, ecological, economic, and technical aspects.

Anja's influence extends beyond advisory roles; she actively leads programs under THEIA International, nurturing the next generation of responsible leaders with 21st-century skills. She empowers employers to align with ESG strategies and inspires students to explore global career possibilities while contributing to societal and environmental well-being.

As the Global Chairwoman for Circular Economy (G100), Anja spearheads initiatives for gender equity, sustainable business, and youth empowerment. Recognized with prestigious awards such as Global Woman Leader in Trade and Outstanding Leader in 2022, her impact is evident in her roles as an Advisory Board Member of the Global Council for Women in Sustainable Business and the founder of the first global platform inspiring youth for a Circular and Regenerative Future.

In her role as a C-Suite Advisor, Anja collaborates with international leaders, developing sustainable strategies and innovative business models during times of change. Her holistic approach encompasses global networking, bridging generations and countries toward a human-centered and circular future.

Anja's dedication to circular economy sectors is reflected in her leadership at G100, guiding experienced women leaders to set up global strategies for a sustainable future. Simultaneously, her initiatives with youth networks and grassroots-level projects demonstrate a commitment to building a clean and sustainable future in regions like West Ghana.

As the driving force behind Theia International, Anja champions diverse perspectives, disciplines, and skills to foster innovation. With over 30 partnerships and projects worldwide, she is a change-maker, emphasizing the importance of inclusive identities in navigating socio-economic challenges and digital progress.

Anja Carron Tollhausen's extensive background as a global networker, lawyer, and business strategist, coupled with her commitment to the five Ps—People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnerships—makes her a trailblazer at the interface between capital markets and non-profit endeavors. With 25 years of international experience, Anja's cosmopolitan outlook and dedication to a sustainable future make her an inspiring leader and advocate for positive change.