Anja Carron TOLLHAUSEN (Dipl.-Jur. Univ.)

"Innovation flourishes when diverse pePerpectives, disciplines, and skills meet aNd People connect"


The time to change is now and everlasting. As pioneers we move beyond to impact the people, our communities and the planet. 


Anja Carron, Global Chairwomen for Circular Economy (G100), TOP 100 gobal Leader in Education, and in 2022 awarded for  Outstanding Leadership in Dubai and initiator of the first global platform to inspire Youth for a Circular Future.


She is a highly experienced C-Suite Advisor in global and mindful leadership development on ESG / SDG / GLE / SEL related topics with a holitc approach.  She workes with international leaders in developing sustainable branding strategies and innovative buisenss models in times of transition. As a global networker she bridges generations and countries to enter future fields in a human-centered and circular future orientated way. Since 4 years she and her multi-disciplinary and intercultural team skills up students for career opportunies in Asia Pacific Countries with a strong focus on India; Afica (Ghana, Nigeria),  the Emirates and Europe and vice versa. 


She is the first Global Chairperson for Circular Economy of the eminent women leadership network, G100. Under her wing experienced and ambitious ps women leaders of the circular economy sectors will set up global and coutrywide strategies to drive the future in a sustainable direction. 

Alongside she initiated the first global youth network in the circular economy to skill-up young people and bridge them to mentors, companies, and investors worldwide. The program is funded by the joint project of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home Affairs, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (DSSE). Besides this program she starts the circular grassroot-level initiative in West Ghana for clean villages funded by the Federal development cooperation (Engagement Global) Theia International is selected as UNESCO Best German Practice and the Theia Global Citizenship Programs are UNSESO-BNE-Partner for schools in intercultural, sustainable, mindful and global education. 2019 she was nominated by the ZEIT Foundation for the Marion Doenhoff Prize for International Understanding and Reconciliation and awarded as Outstanding Leader (UAE, 2022) and Top 100 Leaders of Global Education (1999, UAE).



She powerfully feels that Innovation flourishes when diverse and intercultural perspectives, disciplines, and skills meet. Therefore, she founded Theia International as an umbrella and kick-starter for serval global initiatives for young talents to develop the global mindset needed for creating a sustainable, harmonious, difference in our ever-changing societies. With her multi-cultural teams, she designed over 30 partnerships and projects in the fields of sustainability and circular economy in Europe, Asian Pacific Countries, Africa, Latin America and the Emirates.  "Change needs people with an inclusive identity that reflects their sense of connection with other people, aspects of nature - especially in the trade-off between socio-economic challenges and digital progress."



Global networker, C-Suite Advisor of international leading companies' and foundations' executives; graduated lawyer in public international law, European and British law (Passau, Munich, Cardiff, Maastricht) Certified in peaceful settlement of disputes by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After her studies she started her Career in the leading Chinese Law Firm in Hong Kong specialised in Public Initial Offerings (IPO). Back to Germany she took over leading functions in international Corporate Finance and share branding Companies in Frankfurt and London. As Share-Branding-Strategist, she successfully launched several IPOs at the Stock Exchange in Frankfurt and London (IT, Biotechnology, MedTech, Pharmacy, Healthcare, Retail, Renewable Energies, Lubricants Producer). She was one of the first female directors of German Asset Management Companies she initiated one of the first Ethical Funds and sustainable investing with financial institutes in Germany and Switzerland. Anja is a award-winning business innovation model developer (Marketing Club Luxembourg) sustainable branding strategist (RTL-Stiftung/Mario Götze; Biotech meets German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder), initiator of a European funded resilience campus program and c-suite advisor in a healthcare modernization model project financed by the German Joint Government Committee.


Driven by the five Ps PEOPLE, PLANET, PROSPERITY, PEACE and PARNTERSCHIPS Anja works at the interface between capital market and non-profit, innovation and tradition, sustainability, and Circular Economies. Native German  with 25 years international experiences, as cosmopolitan she lived and worked in 4 Continents and more over 20 countries.